Magdalena... (virtuous_cat) wrote in anthroposophy,

Geishas are not a part of Anthroposophy!

As moderator, I wish to apologize for not up-dating in recent times and Light. However, it is up to the community as a whole to contribute, and the more the better. Thus I would like to see more correspondence made and created, even if it is merely a simple question pertaining to something not necessarily related to Steiner/anthroposophy.

I do wish to address a certain issue that has been brought to my own, individual mind *how utterly selfish that is* Recently someone thought to address the idea of spiritual science as similar to that of geishas. Correct me if I am somehow mistaken. But I don't see a correlation there. Spiritual science aims at a deeper understanding, as a search for Truth, ultimately. How is a consort, an element of entertainment, a product of the wretched patriarchy, a ways in which to obtain knowledge?
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