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About Auras

It was in 2003 when I saw a human's aura for the first time. I was on a Geomancy seminar in France on one of the greatest Place of Power in Europe - the Mont St Odile.
On my first day there we did a lot of meditations and trainings that were very simple awareness trainings. For example, staring at each other for at least 20 minutes without blinking. Blinking protects the eyes not only from drying-out but also from "invisible" ether. It works like a filter.

And let me tell you how hard it is not to blink for that long, especially when you're wearing contact lenses that need to be wet. So it didn't really work out for me. There were many tears, my eyes were hurting and all I got was a blurred view. Anyway...

...the Mont St. Odile is a wonderful place that was used by the Celts to enhance all of their senses for the invisible world. At the end of my first day it was just there. I guess all the things we did before that were preparations. In the dawn I saw the complete aura of another seminar member - and I haven't done anything special to gain this sight.

It's a rather strange experience to see something like this like you look at a table or a tree. All your doubts are washed away in a second. Those colors are more beautiful than any colors you can imagine and there are even some kind of "pictures" visible.

This whole experience was a bit too much for me, I guess. I wasn't grounded enough. I saw everyone's aura, everything's aura and the whole place was bathed in light. I suddenly lived in all the realms at the same time. Which was kinda scary. But also very beautiful. This is probably comparable to a drug experience. I don't know since I've never taken drugs. All I know is that I felt something funny in my stomach and I thought I had to vomit. I blinked and blinked but it didn't go away.

The Geomancer who did the seminar noticed this and pushed me all of a sudden to the ground. That was when I felt myself and the lights vanished. Since then I haven't seen the world in these colors again, but I learned how to control my "aura view".

The first thing I see is this:
Any human has some kind of energystream above their head. It looks different from person to person but there's always coming some energy from above that goes into the head and there is some energy leaving the head.

When I concentrate on this I usually see the complete aura. I've lived with this now for about three years. I can't imagine how it would be to not see an aura. I guess it is riding the bicycle. Once you've learned how you do it, you'll never forget it. Although, sometimes it's harder for me to concentrate on an aura. Other times it just jumps in my face - and it isn't always a beautiful sight! More on that in an later entry.
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