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Welcome one and all!

This is a community dedicated to the study of Anthroposophy, a spiritual and scientific concept which was founded by Rudolf Steiner, also founder of what we know today as the Waldorf method of education.

From the anthropsophical website in Dornach, Switzerland:

"“Anthroposophy is a path of knowledge aiming to guide the spiritual element in the human being to the spiritual in the universe.”

Rudolf Steiner

The word “anthroposophy” means “wisdom of the human being,” or, for us today, “awareness of one’s humanity.”

Knowledge of spirit can only be found by spiritual means. Anthroposophy offers an inner path of schooling to attain such knowledge. It takes its starting point from modern critical consciousness and our contemporary orientation toward technology and science. It is a kind of study and schooling that leads to concrete experience of the spiritual dimensions of the human being and the world.

Spiritual knowledge can be fruitful in various fields of life – in art, religion and science. Examples are education, medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, social work, economics and much else. Over time, about 10,000 institutions and initiatives have been founded that endeavor to apply anthroposophy: schools (often called Rudolf Steiner schools, Waldorf schools or independent schools), homes, workshops and schools working within curative education and social therapy, clinics, doctor’s practices, pharmaceutical companies, biodynamic farms, banks, art schools, stage groups, businesses, etc. "

Besides dealing with the question of 'what is anthroposophy?' the community welcomes discussion and dialogue on many other topics, from the concepts of religion to consciousness, this community wishes to promote growth and thought stimulation, as well as love and support. The moderator, virtuous_cat would like to emphasize this community as one in which positive energy and thoughts flow.

Information regarding the texts of Rudolf Steiner can be found here:
R.S Archive
Membership is open to all who wish sincerely to learn.