Geomant (geomant) wrote in anthroposophy,

Dreams and Realities

Last night was very weird and kinda scary.

I dreamt the following: I was in some village that was somehow familiar, although I didn't know why. I wanted to go to work and I had to walk a way that lead through the woods. The only problem was that the way was covered with so much ice that walking on it was impossible. The last building of the village was a pharmacy and it sold old and antique things on the outside. I went to it and saw a schoko cream standing there with a tag that said "cheap schoko cream". There wasn't any in it, just a lot of worms. "eek* I told that the woman who sold it, but she just threw out the worms and took it back on the shelf.

Then I awoke and suddenly all was very strange. I felt that someone or somthing was holding me down on my arms, I couldn't move, I tried to scream but I couldn't - as if I was still dreaming. Although I know for sure that it happend for real! I couldn't open the eyes, but I fighted back with my mind. I don't know how I did it but whatever was holding me down suddenly let go. But then it tried again and again and I felt so helpless.

All of a sudden it was gone and i could move again. What the hell happend?? Aliens again? Astral beings? What?
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