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examples of polarity between luciferic and ahrimanic in our perception

some examples, elaborations on seeing, seperating the luciferic and ahrimanic perceptions from our soul.

example one)
a man sees a painting. He notes of how certain tools were used, to rearrange certain pigments that were extracted in various forms of earth. he sees the frame and imaginatively runs through the process of how to make it.
he pulls from his mind, logically, the observations made in his past experiences. he then, based on the physical sight perception, begins to imaginatively recreate the process of the painting in his soul. The point is, he is largely in his thinking, using his tools of past-collected notes, his logical analyzation, then imagination to recreate an understanding of what he is beholding.
a man sees a painting. He feels the painting. He sees the child, he feels the lack of tension in his hand as the child almost lets the balloon slip into the sky. he feels the child's enthusiasm. he feels the love of the father next to the boy. he feels the cool water in the breeze, coming from the nearby water pistol arcade game. He is using his past collections of feeling experience to imaginatively recreate the experience portrayed in the painting. His consciousness is not so much in his mind, in thinking, but actually in portion, inside the painting.

example two)
a man goes to a calm lake, at night. he knows the water is shallow. He sees the silhouette of the trees and its reflection in the water. he knows of how reflection works, on smooth surfaces. He sees the sky, and knows of how the red in the sky is from the nearby town lights. His physical eyes take all this information in, but his imagination uses the facts he has previously observed to reconstruct his surroundings into a conceptual form. he is very much inside of his being, in a way, he is stronger concentrated in himself than in the surroundings.
a man goes to a calm lake, at night. he sees the black, wavering strip (silhouette reflected trees) infront of him, dividing two great chasms of red substance, that seem infinitely vast. he sits on the edge of the dock, and looking down, feels he may fall into the deep abys that is the sky above him. the black of the wavering line brings him feelings, as well as the red filled vast spaces above and below him. this man is strongly concentrated in the environment through the substance of feeling, and in a way, he is barely inside of his being.

so, as it may easily be seen how the luciferic tendancy towards connection, feeling, unity with what may aproach us differs from the ahrimanic tendancy of deducing, analyzing, putting together in rational, factual manner, the question then seems to arise, "well, what are we then?"

my purpose in placing these examples is not to dive into this question, as it points directly to the heart of human wisdom, anthroposophy. rather, the intention was to allow one to easily see how much of our perception is not fully ours: it is very much involved with the tools of ahrimanic and luciferic beings' presence in our organism. much of our organism is ours, in the way that it is our organism. but in many ways, it is composed of elements that are outside of the human element. the more devoted we are to distinguishing what is within us as belonging to luciferic capacity and ahrimanic capacity, the clearer the vision of the true human element/perception.

- student of anthroposophy
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